Mohawk Special Cutting Tools manufactures precision drills, reamers and various other cutting tools for the worlds leading aircraft and automobile builders. Capable of holding 0.002mm (0.0001") diameter tolerance on all our tooling, our products allow our customers achieve precision holes in one shot, eliminating the need for secondary operations.

“All our tools are made from the finest grades of tungsten carbide and high-speed steels.”

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All our threaded shank type tools have run-out less than 0.005mm (0.00015"), with a choice of thread or shank interface that suits all applications.

There is no Lip Height Variation on any of our point's styles, with chisel centrality well below acceptable standards. This allows our tooling achieve hole size repeatability, with CpK values well above 5.2 on all tooling.
With the advanced CFRP materials posing new challenges for aircraft manufacturers, Mohawk in conjunction with some leading ADE Equipment manufacturers, and the Composite and Research Centre at the University of Limerick, have designed and developed a number of brazed jointed carbide tools, that have surpassed many of our competitors in some of the toughest applications seen to date.
We guarantee the integrity of our braze, while our unique designs, and advanced coatings, allow our customers, drill all stacks of CFRP/Ti/Al in any combination.

Our Spiral fluted Drill Reamer, achieves holes in one shot, up to 9.525mm (.375”), while hole sizes up to 1 ¼”, can be achieved in all depths using 2 tools, our drill and follow on reamer.