Mission Statement

Mohawk’s mission is to be the world’s best in the manufacturer of rotary shank “SPECIAL” cutting tools. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service and value, ensuring complete customer satisfaction, through continuous improvement and proactive response to customer feedback. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, along with a broad selection of products at competitive prices. We are a values driven company and our four core values include providing an excellent level of customer service, growing our business consistently by nurturing mutually beneficial customer relationships, serving diversified markets and their respective customer needs, and creating sustainable career opportunities with a positive corporate culture that are beneficial to our employees.

Quality Statement

Mohawk Special Cutting Tools is a market leader in the design, manufacture & supply of ‘in between sizes’ for all tooling solutions. Located in Shannon, Ireland, our world class manufacturing facility has over 64,000 sq ft of space with the latest in machine capability. We are committed to the manufacture of all variants and sizes of carbide and HSS tooling, for the aerospace, automotive and supporting industries. Our market leading production facility is supported by a wide array of high precision CNC machinery in the cutting tool industry. Through our highly-skilled and dedicated workforce Mohawk offers all our customers, a thorough and innovative tooling experience. Advise us on your hole size requirements and tolerance, in what material, and what you have to ‘drive’ your tooling, and we will supply engineered drawings, that provide you with a cost effective solution. Mohawk Special Cutting Tools is a member of